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QUM004 Falls in Client Care

Locations: QLD
Duration: 6 months

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QUM004 Falls in Client Care Enquiry

Course Summary

QUM004A Falls Physiology

✓ Physiology of balance
✓ Impact of falls
✓ Common falls risk factors

QUM004B Falls Risk Assessments and Management

✓ Falls risk assessments
✓ Management strategies for common risk factors:
   ❑ Balance and Mobility
   ❑ Cognitive Impairment
   ❑ Incontinence
   ❑ Feet and Footwear
   ❑ Syncope and Dizziness

QUM004C Falls management strategies

✓ Management strategies:
   ❑ Restraints
   ❑ Medication Monitoring  
   ❑ Injury Minimisation
   ❑ Consequences of Falls
   ❑ Responses to Falls