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QUM008 Diabetes in Client Care

Locations: QLD
Duration: 6 months

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QUM008 Diabetes in Client Care Enquiry

Course Summary

QUM008A Introduction to Diabetes

✓ Pathophysiology of Diabetes
✓ Interventions to prevent Diabetes
✓ Types of Diabetes
✓ Signs and Symptoms
✓ Diagnostic criteria
✓ Monitoring and managing
✓ Complications of Diabetes in the elderly
✓ Identify and manage Hypoglycaemia and

QUM008B Treatment of Diabetes

✓ Anti-diabetic medications
✓ Insulin therapy
✓ Types of Insulin
   ❑ Starting Insulin
   ❑ Delivery devices
   ❑ How to inject
   ❑ Absorption
   ❑ Storage
✓ Complications of Diabetes
✓ Preventing complications
✓ Hypoglycaemia and Hyperglycaemia
✓ Case Studies