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MAN008 Supporting Consumers with Dementia

Locations: QLD
Duration: 6 months

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MAN008 Supporting Consumers with Dementia Enquiry

Course Summary

✓ Types of Dementia and statistics
✓ Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD)
✓ Effective communication techniques
✓ Impact of body language
✓ Understanding behavioural changes and triggers
✓ Psychosocial strategies for behaviours of concern
✓ Pharmacological strategies
✓ Psychotropic Solutions
✓ Consumer unmet needs
✓ Regulations, Legislation and Policy
✓ Protecting self and others
✓ Behavioural assessments
✓ Physical and medicinal restraint
✓ Planned responses to BPSD
✓ Apply responses to BPSD
✓ Organisation Policy for BPSD
✓ Incident reporting
✓ Self-care strategies
✓ Summary