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QUM007 Incontinence in Client Care

Locations: QLD
Duration: 6 months

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QUM007 Incontinence in Client Care Enquiry

Course Summary

QUM007A Introduction to Incontinence

✓ Types of incontinence
✓ Identify those at risk
✓ Effects of incontinence on all
✓ Continence management
✓ Assessment options

QUM007B Management Strategies for Incontinence

✓ Management options and strategies for:
   ❑ Stress incontinence
   ❑ Urgency incontinence
   ❑ Retention/overflow incontinenc e 
   ❑ Functional incontinence
✓ Interventions:
   ❑ Toileting programs
   ❑ Continence aids
   ❑ Toileting in cognitive impairment